Computer Engineering is one of the four departments under the College of Computer Engineering and Sciences (CCES) at PMU. The Department started the first intake in fall 2008.

Computer Engineers are responsible for developing many of the technological advances that we take for granted. Computer engineers design, develop, and supervise the manufacturing of hardware, software, and networks in computer systems.

Graduates can find employment within a broad range of industries and governmental agencies, examples of career opportunities include:
  • Computer Network Engineering
  • Embedded System Engineering
  • System Engineering/Analyzing
  • Control Systems Engineering
  • Computer System and Application Development
  • Software Design
  • Digital Signal and Image Processing
  • Integrated Circuit Design
  • Internet Applications Development
  • Medical Electronics Design
  • Robotics and Automated Manufacturing
  • Wireless Communication and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Engineering consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Global communication systems
  • Instrumentation