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Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean, College of Computer Engineering & Science We behold with great pride and immense pleasure an upsurge of success for our students who embark on the next phase of professional life or further studies hoping they will carry the message that best represents our university and portray the essence of our values; advancement of human intelligence and development of knowledge to achieve ever higher goals and objectives for themselves, their communities and country.

The College of Computer Engineering and Science (CCES) is celebrating 10 years of sustained growth and we are eager for more the same level of achievement for the next 10 years spurred on by our high hopes and determined ambition that are driven by the aspirations of our students, the hard work of our outstanding faculty members and facilitated by the unwavering support of PMU leadership.

The quality of the educational experience offered by CCES in its three programs is foremost on our minds; we have set ourselves high regional and international standards for quality and accreditation. On this note, it is with great pleasure that I congratulate all of the IT Program students, faculty members and administrators on achieving the ABET Academic Accreditation which is an added value to the BSc in IT. Nonetheless, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence for other programs in the college and Computer Engineering is next in line for international accreditation.

With 10 years of excellence in education behind us, we are also perpetuating the university’s mission to offer a fertile research ground with collaboration and support between colleges to promote interdisciplinary research. Our faculty members are constantly updating their portfolios and are always open to ideas and collaboration in many contemporary areas of computing research including Machine Learning, Algorithms, Cyber Security, Bio-Informatics, Quantum Computing and Formal Methods; many of these research themes involve student groups as well as teams from computing colleges from local and regional institutions.

For the first years of our 5-year strategic development plan (2017-2021), we will be offering more online content for current courses and developing new certification and formal qualification programs at both BSc and MSc levels, in addition to more vocational opportunities for instructors, students, alumni and local community via our commercial links such as CISCO Academy, SAP and EMC.

College facilities and infrastructure are also being modernized and updated with cutting edge hardware and software tools that match modernization plans for the curriculum and course content for both male and female students in order to sustain the high demand for our CCES graduates from leading local and regional employers including, but not limited to, Aramco, Sadara, Sabic, Rawabi and Schlumberger where over 90% of our alumni are currently employed with these reputable companies and others locally and regionally and for those who choose to continue Higher Education, CCES alumni have successfully obtained placement in top universities worldwide pursuing their Masters and Ph.D.

Stay in touch with us here in Al-Khobar, or on line including via social media for more development and growth news, exciting opportunities and services for all regardless of your background, gender, education level or aspirations!

Jaafar M. Alghazo, Ph.D.
Acting Dean – CCES